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Welcome to the Official Outlaw Roblox Wiki. This wiki is dedicated to the game The Outlaw. The Outlaw made by UwaisPlayz is a free to play 2019 game in Roblox who are known in a studio called "TheCactusBois". In any cops and robbers game, a player's goal is depended on the team when they join. They are 3 roles in this game, Criminal, Police, and Military! The Criminal tries to rob as many stores as possible, Police and Military have to arrest or kill the criminals. The map in this game is pretty big with lots of things to explore and discover. This wiki is made to tell how the game works, the locations, vehicles, weapons and so much more. This game also keeps up with its updates. You can play it for free, but you can use your robux to buy virtual currency in-game which is optional for players like me and you.
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